The BevOps Fleet Summit

September 19-22, 2017
Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass
Phoenix, AZ

Christian Miller
Beverage Industry Advisor

Christian has 14 years of progressive beverage operations supply chain experience. As a beverage operations executive he held ultimate responsibility for successful planning, sourcing and delivering 40M cases to 15 Distribution Centers (DCs) and select retail customers. Additionally Christian has a history in industrial engineering, software and operations consulting.

He has run most every type of beverage delivery system on the market. Recently he was tasked with developing products for liftgate delivery. Multiple innovative products were developed for beer, CSD and dairy distributors. Along the way he spent countless hours on research and development with beverage companies, route drivers, liftgate manufactures and forklift OEMs.

Currently Christian is President of Beverage Industry Advisor and works on automated solutions for the beverage industry.

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